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Jennifer Lynn





About Me

Since my first museum internship during my freshman year of college, I have been passionate about pursuing a career in the GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, and museums) field. I have developed professional experience in several areas of this field. I aspire to apply my education and professional experience to create accessible and enjoyable ways for people to engage with history and culture.

Inclusivity Statement

Museums and other cultural heritage institutions have traditionally been institutions that celebrate the stories of those in power, often while lacking critical engagement with these histories. This has left the stories of marginalized communities out of the exhibits, programs, and even collections of the very institutions that are meant to preserve and share our country’s full history. As an emerging professional in the public history and cultural heritage field, I believe that it is essential for museums to tell inclusive stories.  

While I work to build my career in this field, I will support the design of exhibits and programs that tell the stories of members of traditionally marginalized communities, especially in ways that integrate those stories within the full context of historic events. I will support the work of members of these communities in telling their own stories in museum spaces.

I believe in the importance of fair and equitable employment practices within the cultural heritage field. This is typically a field with a high barrier of entry and low wages. I support the growing effort to improve wages and working conditions within my field. Throughout my career, I will commit to supporting employment practices that enable people of all backgrounds to enter the field and build sustainable careers.


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