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UI Law Library Exhibit Design

In the summer of 2021 I designed panels for upcoming exhibits at the University of Iowa Law Library. Using images and text compiled by library staff, I chose design elements and created the panels using InDesign.

In 2017 I directed a production of Susan Glaspell's Inheritors for Starlighters II Community Theatre in Anamosa. During this production I engaged in dramaturgical research in order to better understand the historic context of the play. A talk back was held after a Sunday performance with myself, the cast, and two members of the Susan Glaspell society in order to give audience members an opportunity to further engage with the themes of the production.

As a final project in an Irish literature course at Fordham University, I researched the historical and political context of Teresa Deevy's play Katie Roche. My research paper on the topic was published in the 2016 edition of the Fordham Undergraduate Research Journal.

For my final project in an exhibit development course at the University of Iowa, I created a prototype of an online interactive to be used by the Kalona Historical Society. The goal of this interactive was to create a game in which students could explore how industry helped the town of Kalona, IA grow in the the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

As part of a museum professionalism course at the University of Iowa, I compiled a portfolio of projects that I worked on at the African American Museum of Iowa in the summer of 2020. These projects included digital communications, a virtual event, and graphic design work. 

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